Sophie is the absolute best podcast manager ever. Had it not been for Sophie, my podcast would not have launched and I would still be where she found me. Hiring Sophie was exactly the puzzle piece missing for my podcast! 

Bring your podcast vision to life with expert support for a successful and impactful launch, ensuring your podcast is up and running within 6 weeks.


My Services Include...

Scale your existing podcast to new heights while reclaiming your time. I'll handle the day-to-day, allowing you to focus on content creation. Choose from our two packages designed to meet your specific needs.


Amplify your brand across diverse platforms. If you value brand consistency and strategic content marketing, I'll help you engage your audience on various channels.


 Elevate your show with tailored strategy sessions. Whether it's refining an existing podcast or crafting a plan for a new one, expert guidance will help you achieve your goals.


A podcast producer, proud cat mom, introvert and passionate entrepreneur. Inspired by the remarkable women in my life, my aim is to empower fierce female entrepreneurs like you to elevate your businesses through the transformative power of podcasting. 

Reflecting on my past, I recall a time when my learning difficulties cast shadows over my academic journey. Despite the setbacks, it was the support of incredible women that guided me through those challenging years. Now, I am passionate about paying it forward. I want to empower women in business, especially coaches, who dedicate themselves to helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Explore my services, from launching your podcast in just 6 weeks to ongoing management, strategic sessions, and efficient repurposing. Let's amplify your business through the power of podcasting together.

Hi, I'm Sophie!



My FREE Ebook, will teach you step-by-step on how to set up your very own successful Podcast channel!


Elevate your episodes to a visual masterpiece, captivating a wider audience on platforms like YouTube. We'll seamlessly blend your audio with engaging visuals, creating a compelling viewing experience. Unlock the full potential of your podcast by expanding your reach through the power of professionally edited videos. Ready to amplify your presence on YouTube and beyond? Let's craft visually stunning content together.

Video Editing

Price from €200

Social Media

Take your podcast to the next level by leveraging the power of social media. Maximize your impact through eye-catching visuals and strategic content promotion. Let me guide you in creating a buzz and fostering connections with your audience across diverse platforms. Ready to unleash the full potential of your podcast on social media? Let's craft a powerful online presence together.

Price FROM €197

Add-on Services

I hired Sophie to support my Podcast Luanch. As a small business owner it's a huge decision to outsource work and I have honestly never looked back. I wanted to launch my own podcast for more than a year and the tech side was causing me to procrastinate - with podcast editing never managing to get to the top of my list. I worked with Sophie to launch my podcast 'Finding Your Direction' and now with 12 episodes live it's going from strength to strength, the podcast even managed a top 2 position in the Apple Ireland careers chart, something I never dreamed possible. 


Apply To Work With Me

Fill out the application form for the service you are interested in. If I think we would be a good fit, I’ll invite you to schedule a 20-minute discovery call. During the call, we’ll get to know you and your business better.

Contract & Invoice

If you decide to work with me, I’ll send you our Contract and the first Invoice, and once our Contract is signed and the payment is paid, we can begin work!

The Magic Begins

We'll kick off with an onboarding session to learn more about your podcast goals, our strategy, workflows etc.

My Mission

To empower female entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses through podcasting by providing specialized support in launching and managing high-converting podcasts.

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