Rooted in continuous learning, effective communication, balance, respect, integrity, empowerment, and loyalty, my values reflect the lessons learned from remarkable women in my life. These values guide my interactions with clients, fostering open communication and unwavering support.

When I was younger, I had learning difficulties that cast shadows over my academic journey. Despite the setbacks, it was the support of incredible women that guided me through those challenging years. Now, I am passionate about paying it forward. I want to empower women in business, especially coaches, who dedicate themselves to helping others become the best versions of themselves.

This journey isn’t just about personal success; it’s about rewriting narratives and defying expectations. From a shy, 'weird' kid with a learning difficulty to a business owner advocating for the potential in every person, especially women facing similar challenges.

It all began when I found myself entangled in the corporate grind, feeling uninspired and longing for a more fulfilling path. The rigid structure, lack of flexibility, and capped income left me yearning for something more. What truly fueled this journey was witnessing the financial struggles of my parents. Determined not to follow the same path and rejecting the notion that financial independence required marrying into wealth, I sought a different way.

This is when I started my podcasting business. I adore diving into the intricacies, from crafting and editing episodes to the thrill of promotion. It's a process where putting on my headphones, immersing myself in client work, and losing track of time doesn't feel like a job at all.

As an introvert who deeply understands the value of comfortable self-expression, podcasting emerges as an incredible platform. I cherish the opportunity to support introverted clients in having their voices heard in a manner that aligns with their comfort and enjoyment.

Podcasting offers a unique space for authenticity, free from the pressures of in-person interactions. It empowers individuals to share their expertise, connect with their audience, and leave a meaningful impact—all while embracing their introverted selves.

My journey wasn't without hurdles. Faced with the belief that I wasn't smart or extroverted enough, I transformed "I can't" into "I can." Embracing my introverted nature as a strength, I now support women in business, particularly coaches, helping them amplify their voices through podcasting.

Where it all started...

My Mission

To empower female entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses through podcasting by providing specialized support in launching and managing high-converting podcasts.



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