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Podcast Launch

For the highly ambitious established female entrepreneur ready to elevate their business, income & industry authority by launching a podcast within 4-6 weeks!


We understand the challenges you're facing right now because in the midst of managing your team, serving clients, and launching multiple offers, adding a podcast to your plate can feel overwhelming.

Here's the reality:

➡️ You have a team to manage.
➡️ You are busy serving your clients.
➡️ You are juggling multiple launches.

And right now, launching a podcast seems like just one more thing to add to an already full plate. The dream of elevating your business, income, and industry authority through a podcast feels like it's slipping away because of the sheer weight of your responsibilities.

But fear not. This is where we come in to bring your podcast to life and start taking action! At the start of each week, you'll receive a set of bite-sized tasks, ensuring we stay on track and get your show launched on time.
Let's turn your podcast dreams into reality, one manageable step at a time.

Are you struggling to lift your podcast off the ground, finding yourself stuck in the endless loop of procrastination?

aPPLY now

This offer is perfect for you if...

Your dream is to be acknowledged as a thought leader, leaving a lasting mark in the coaching world.

You're ready to elevate your earnings to 15-20k months, not just for financial stability but to gain the freedom to step back in certain areas, allowing you to spend more time with your family and create innovative offers.

You're not just looking to start a podcast; you aim to be among the top echelons of podcasters. Your aspiration is to stand out and be recognized as one of the leading voices in your niche.

You value building a loyal and engaged community of followers and clients. Your goal is to create a space where your audience feels connected, inspired, and eager to be part of your journey.

You understand the importance of brand visibility and recognition within your target market. This offer is designed for those who want their brand to be synonymous with excellence, attracting a wider audience and elevating their position in the market.

                         entrepreneurs who have been in business a few years now, have a deep understanding of their target audience, and proven offers. Imagine having a podcast that not only reflects your values, vision, and legacy but also expands your influence to create a lasting impact. This is your gateway to building a loyal community, boosting brand visibility, and establishing yourself as a respected leader in your field.

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This isn't for you if...

It's for me!

This is for you if...

Will This Work For Me?

You have a full understanding of your ideal clients.

You’re constantly creating revenue in your business.

You want to leverage the power of podcasting within your business & marketing strategy.

You have proven offers in their services, courses, or programs.

You’re an action taker, ready to put in the work.

You’re new in business and don’t have a full understanding of your ideal clients.

You don’t have a signature service, courses, or program.

You’re prepared to take your podcast seriously & put in the work.

You’re looking for a new ‘get rich quick’ strategy.

- Kinetra Stewert, Hair What I'm Saying

I highly recommend Sophie Virtual Services to be your Podcast Manager because had it not been for her, my podcast would have never launched. She brought essentials for my podcast to the forefront that I forgot or didn't think mattered in my podcast and helped me navigate how to utilize and structure my podcast. Listeners brag on the quality and structure of how professional everything is and it's all because of Sophie. Sophie is a pleasant, consistent person to work with, and her communication to ensure she understands your wants and needs is unmatched. She is a true GEM and I'm so happy we are connected. I highly recommend her services. You will not regret it!


Podcast Launch:

  • Guidance on choosing the right recording software, hosting site, equipment.
  • Scripts for your trailer, intro & outro
  • Music selection support
  • Organised Google folder
  • Set up workflow board in Notion (optional)
  • Launch marketing plan
  • Editing of your trailer episode
  • Editing of 3 launch episodes
  • Mixing of audio elements (intro, outro, music etc)
  • Show notes for your episodes (includes episode summary, key takeaways, resources & links)
  • 1 audiogram for each episode
  • 1 social media captain for each episode
  • Communication via Voxer

Podcast Tech:

  • Hosting platform setup
  • Submission on all platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play, Amazon
  • Episode analytics spreadsheet

Podcast Graphics:

  • Cover art
  • Audiogram templates for IG feed & IG Story

2x payments of €575

Apply now

Payment Plan

One time investment of €1100

Pay In Full

To be made before work commences

First payment to be made before work commences

Second payment to be made half way through

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Video Editing:

Add light video editing to your launch package if you want to take advantage of Youtube's huge search engine to get more eyes and ears on your podcast. This add-on includes video editing for your trailer episode and your 3 launch episodes.

What's Included:

➡️ Remove long pauses, deep breaths, ‘ums’ & ‘ahs’, coughs, stutters etc.
➡️ Noise reduction, volume leveling, equalization, normalizing
➡️ Adding intro/outro

Add-on Service

Price from €200


Appy To Work With Me

Fill out the application form. If I think we would be a good fit, I’ll invite you to schedule a 20-minute discovery call.During the call, we’ll get to know you and your business better and the support you need for your podcast launch.

Contract & Invoice

If you decide to work with me, I’ll send you our Contract and the first Invoice, and once our Contract is signed and the payment is paid, we can begin work!


We’ll send you an onboarding questionnaire to better understand your goals for your podcast and business, as well as to gather the materials we need to oversee your launch.

Kick Off Call

We'll schedule a 60-minute call to learn more about you and your business and go over our launch plan in further detail. We'll be reviewing our workflow and launch schedule to make sure everything is in line as we go forward with our podcast launch plan.

The Magic Begins

Here's where we begin to act on your podcast and give it life! At the start of each week, you'll be given a set of bite-size tasks you'll need to accomplish for the week to make sure we stay on track & get your show launched on time.

Podcast Launch

Congrats! Your podcast is launched. We'll arrange a call for moving forward with your podcast needs & the ongoing management of your podcast.

- Emma Lynch, Finding Your Direction

I started working with Sophie in April 2023 and I hired Sophie to support my Podcast Luanch. As a small business owner it's a huge decision to outsource work and I have honestly never looked back. I wanted to launch my own podcasy for more than a year and the tech side was causing me to procrastinate - with podcast editing never managing to get to the top of my list. I worked with Sophie to launch my podcast 'Finding Your Direction' and now with 12 episodes live it's going from strength to strength, the podcast even managed a top 2 position in the Apple Ireland careers chart, something I never dreamed possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with the management of my show, after the launch?

Absolutely, I'm here to support you throughout your podcasting journey, not just during the launch. After successfully launching your podcast, the journey doesn't end – it's just the beginning. We offer two comprehensive ongoing management packages tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. You can check them out here.

With our ongoing management support, you can focus on creating high-quality content while we take care of the rest. Your podcast's success is our priority, and we're committed to helping you achieve your podcasting goals long after the initial launch.


Is now the right time to launch my podcast?

If you're ready to elevate your business, reach a wider audience, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry, now is the perfect time to launch your podcast. With the increasing popularity of podcasts and their effectiveness as a marketing tool, you have a tremendous opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Launching your podcast now allows you to tap into a rapidly growing audience, share your expertise, and connect with your target market on a deeper level. 


Is a podcast the right investment for me & my business?

Podcasting can elevate your business in various ways. It provides a platform to share industry insights, establish authority, and build a loyal community. With engaging content, you can attract new clients, enhance brand visibility, and create a lasting impact.

Imagine having a tool that not only expands your reach but also positions you as a thought leader. 



Our streamlined process is designed to minimize your time commitment. While individual circumstances vary, on average, clients spend approximately 1-2 hours per week collaborating with us during the launch phase. We handle the technical aspects, guide you through content creation, and ensure a smooth journey.
Your primary focus remains on sharing your expertise while we take care of the rest. It's a partnership that ensures your podcast dreams become a reality without overwhelming your schedule.


I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to manage the technical aspects of podcasting?

Absolutely, no tech expertise required! We understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, and that's why our services include full technical support. From setting up your podcast hosting to managing the uploading process and ensuring your episodes reach the right platforms seamlessly—we've got it covered. Our goal is to make the technical side of podcasting stress-free for you. You can focus on delivering your valuable content while we handle the behind-the-scenes tech magic. 


You wouldn't be here if you didn't know you need support to kickstart or elevate your podcasting journey. 

Now, envision a podcast that not only reflects your passion but also amplifies your business goals. It's time to say yes to expert guidance, seamless workflows, and a transformative podcasting experience. Ready to turn your podcast dreams into reality? 

Let's Start

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